Loss Control

MountainCreek Solutions Provides

  • Physical Surveys
  • Virtual Surveys
  • Telephone Surveys
  • ITV’s
  • Recommendation Checks / Follow Ups
  • Nationwide Coverage
  • Fully Customizable Inspection Forms
  • 100% of all surveys reviewed by industry professional


Throughout the United States we offer customized inspection, survey or related consulting to the insurance industry. We also perform Replacement Cost and Insurance to Value reports. In short, it’s a diverse range of products created with one thing in mind: to meet all of your service needs.


MountainCreek Solutions utilizes our proprietary software to customize inspection forms to an individual customer need.  Our forms are built with complete validation so that any question that is a must answer for our client is 100% ensured it’s answered.  This software streamlines the process to make sure all questions are answered that a customer needs or a field representative cannot submit the survey. 

MountainCreek Solutions can also create a bridge with any software company you currently use to ensure a streamlined ordering and delivery process.  With our proprietary software, we are completely flexible to our customers needs. 

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