Premium Audit

MountainCreek Solutions provides physical, virtual and telephone audits nationwide.  We pride ourselves on making sure 100% of all completed audits are reviewed by an industry professional prior to being sent to our customers.  Our reviewers review each audit to industry standards as well as customized requirements set forth by each customer.  

Our auditors use our proprietary audit software to complete the audit efficiently and correctly at the policyholder’s location.  Our software makes it easy for our auditors to make sure specific customer requirements are being met on each case as well as all industry standards.  Our audit completed format is easy to read and customizable to each customer needs. 

Physical Audit

Physical Audits

A Physical Audit is conducted when an on-site visit is required. It is the most thorough audit process and it provides the most up-to-date information.

  • All of the United States serviced
  • All auditors pass criminal background checks and clearance
  • MountainCreek Solutions ID Badge
  • Appointments required prior to visit
  • Every audit reviewed by and industry professional reviewer
Verified Telephone audit

Telephone Audits

Conducted via telephone, rather than on-site, with the policyholder. The elimination of travel makes our Verified Telephone Audits and efficient and cost-effective tool for the smaller or less complex audits.

  • Ideal for smaller, less complex policies
  • Performed by trained experts
  • Efficient and cost effective

Virtual Audit

Virtual Audits

Our Virtual Audit provides the detail of a physical audit at a lower cost, making it a perfect alternative to our telephone audit for audits requiring more detailed information.

  • Cost effective alternative to a Physical Audit, with more detail that an Telephone Audit
  • Budget friendly, with the detail you need
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